Telangana Assembly passes new municipalities bill


HYDERABAD: The Telangana Assembly passed the Telangana Municipalities Bill, 2019, on Friday.

The Telangana Municipalities Bill proposes major policy decisions, including demolition of illegal constructions without notice, self-certification of property tax and a penalty for misusing the facility.

"If an unauthorised construction is started, no notice will be given, it will be demolished. It will be an immediate demolition in case of unauthorised construction", Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said.

The bill also provides for self-certification for paying property tax.

It proposes a penalty of up to 25 times if a landlord is found to have furnished wrong information.

The veracity of the claims would be checked by flying squads, under the supervision of district collectors.

The Telangana CM also announced that the urban poor can construct a house (ground plus one floor) on a small plot without having to apply for permission from the municipality.

They would have to pay a house tax of only Rs 100 per annum.

However, such beneficiaries must register with the municipality at a nominal charge of Re 1 so that they can get civic facilities.

As per the report, the bill aims at promoting transparency in the system and rooting out corruption.


With inputs from PTI

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