TSRTC bus strike enters fourth day on Tuesday


HYDERABAD: The indefinite strike by unions of Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) continued for the fourth day on Tuesday.

Different employees and workers unions of TSRTC began an indefinite strike from October 5 across Telangana on a call given by the Joint Action Committee (JAC) of TSRTC, demanding merger of the RTC with the government, recruitment to various posts, among others.

On Monday, the Chief Minister KCR had made it very clear that under no circumstances the RTC will be merged into the government.

"From the point of view of the government and RTC, the employees are only 1,200. There is no need for the government to dismiss others. Nobody dismissed anybody. They left all by themselves", KCR had said.

"As they did not report to duties before the expiry of the deadline, they have self-dismissed themselves. They did not respond to the appeals made by the government and RTC," he had further said.

However, Telangana Mazdoor Union president E Ashwathama Reddy said the government's decision to sack about 48,000 agitating employees, would be challenged as and when they are served with dismissal notices.

The Chief Minister also made it clear that the state government has no interest in totally privatising the RTC, and the RTC as an organisation would definitely stay.

He said it was the aim of the government to see to it that people should not be subjected to inconvenience and hence the government was making all measures to strengthen the RTC and make it profitable.

“As on date, the RTC has 10,400 buses. Of this, 50 per cent buses (5,200) belong to the RTC and they will be under RTC. 30 per cent of the buses (3,100) were taken on hire and they also should be run under RTC supervision and administration”, he said.

“Another 20 per cent of the buses (2,100)belong totally to the private and they will be allowed to ply as the state carriages”, the Chief Minister had said.

KCR had also asked the DGP M Mahendar Reddy to form special teams to prevent RTC employees who left the organisation from creating disturbances at bus depots or bus stations.


With inputs from PTI

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