VP Venkaiah Naidu inaugurates Telangana International Kyte, Sweet Festival in Hyderabad


HYDERABAD: Vice president Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday inaugurated the fourth International Kite Festival and Second International Sweet Festival organised by the Telangana government as part of Sankranthi celebrations.

“The festivals are occasions for social bonding and inculcate a spirit of communal harmony and national integrity”, Naidu said while speaking on the occasion at the Parade Grounds in Secunderabad.

“They symbolise renewal, rejuvenation and revival of our traditions and heritage and bring in the sense of togetherness, unity, love and brotherhood in today’s fast-paced world,” he added.

He urged the younger generation to understand the rich and diverse traditions ingrained in Indian festivals and called for protecting, promoting and enriching national culture and folk art forms.

While referring to the display of 1200 sweets from different countries at the sweet festival, Naidu said, “Sweets symbolize the sweet happenings in life and hold a place of great prominence in Indian culinary tradition”.

As per the report, almost 42 professional Kyte fliers from around 20 countries and many others from India participated in the function by flying huge Kytes and sweets from 20 countries and from 25 Indian states were displayed at the festival.

The festival of Makar Sankranti is a solar event and one of the few Hindu festivals which falls on the same date (January 14) every year. It is a colourful festival and is known by different names in different states and dedicated to Hindu sun god, Surya.


With inputs from ANI

Image credit: PIB

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