Apple unveils new AirPods with Wireless charging case


CALIFORNIA: Apple’s week of surprise product launches continues with the announcement of the second-generation AirPods.

It will include a wireless charging case and a new H1 chip that the company claims offers improved battery life and “Hey, Siri” support to trigger the virtual assistant without pressing a button.

Through this support, simply call out “Hey Siri” to control your music, make a call and so on.

The automatically on AirPods can sense when they are plugged in and when they have been taken out.

To enable the Wireless charging mode, you need to set the case on a Qi-compatible charging mat and let it charge. Otherwise, both the second-gen AirPods and the case look virtually identical to the first model.

Apple says the H1 chip offers a number of benefits over the W1 chip in the last generation.

Specifically, there’s up to an extra hour of talk time, better mic clarity; fast connection when switching between devices; and the aforementioned “Hey, Siri” support.

Apple will be selling the updated AirPods in two options: with the wireless charging case will retail at USD 199 or with the standard case for the same will cost USD 159.

The company will also sell the wireless charging case at USD 79

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