Consumers confused about artificial intelligence: Study


NEW DELHI : Most customers are confused about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and are, therefore, reluctant to embrace this new technology, a study said on Friday. Released by US-based software firm Pegasystems, it revealed that these fears are often eased once the users gain firsthand AI experience -- which ironically many enjoy without even realising it.


"Our study suggests the recent hype is causing some confusion and fear among consumers, who may not really understand how it's already being used and helping them every day," said Don Schuerman, Vice President (Product Marketing) Pegasystems. 

The study that involved 6,000 customers in six countries found that consumers were hesitant to fully embrace AI devices and services. 

"Only 36 per cent are comfortable with businesses using AI to engage with them. Almost 72 per cent express some sort of fear about AI," the study found.

Twenty four per cent of respondents even worried about robots taking over the world. 

Interestingly, 34 per cent of respondents said they had directly experienced AI but when asked about the technologies they used it was revealed that 84 per cent actually used at least one AI-powered service or device.

Seventy two per cent respondents confidently claimed they understood AI but very few could correctly define it.

"Though AI has been around for more than 30 years, it has now evolved to the point that businesses can engage with each individual consumer on a real-time, one-to-one basis," Schuerman said. 

Businesses need to focus on using AI to develop applications that provide real value for customers to improve their experiences rather than overhyping the technology itself, the findings suggested.

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