EnoughIsEnough - Things Couples Need to Stop Doing On Social Media


All of us spend a good deal of our free time scrolling through updates on social media. And, most of us admittedly hate seeing stories, cosy photos and updates by couples who don’t know the difference between public and private. May be they are not to blame because they don’t know what social media etiquette means. Keeping that in mind, we thought of educating couples who go overboard above love and other things on social media platform.

If you doubt you might be one of those couples then pay heed to our advice.

Chatting over comments

You might as well WhatsApp rather than make your conversations public. It is quite irritating to seeing you confess your love for your significant other when you can do so ‘in-person’ and face-to-face. Your love needs no stamp of approval of people sitting in your friend list. So, stop professing your love with ‘I love you’ and ‘I miss you’ frequently. Your social media behaviour can easily tick people off and a few brave hearts might even tip you off directly.

Milestone celebrations

No one in the world wants to know how many days, months or years you’ve been in love, engaged or married to each other. You may want to prove your love through your sharp memory, but spare the world the horror of being party to your public celebration of love! We really don’t care even though we know a few milestones are important. We might as well add that these omens are worth celebrating in private. Will you, please do that?

Honeymoon photos

Of course you are going to post photos of exotic locales, but can you limit yourself to just that or may be one or two ‘in love’ photos? We’ve seen couples post bedroom photos or intimate moments and believe us – there’s nothing more annoying than seeing what we can’t unsee!

Calling each other with pet names

They might be your bae, hedgehog, buttercup et al, but let’s try to call them so in full public view. Let’s use their real names because you might be inadvertently setting them up for years of torment at the hand of their friends. Ouch! No?

Details of fights or arguments

You may think it’s a subtle way of getting to your spouse or partner, but your cryptic updates are easily decoded by people on your list. Remember that no relationship is bullet-proof and your momentary fit of madness and updating it on social media can only worsen it. So, stop making everything sound so grim. These updates won’t help you resolve issues; talking to each other will.

Couple selfies only

This is an indication of couples who are so hung up on each other that they will post nothing except each other’s photos or selfies. There’s absolutely no room for anyone else. While it’s alright to be head-over-heels, but can we stop overdoing it? We do want to see your faces, but also more of the world around you.

Mundane details

#SushiWithBae, #ThirdMovieOfTheDayWithMyGal, #NetflixingWithHubby, #WifeOnAShoppingSpree, #CatByTheWindow, #DogCan’tPoop #ICantPoop are just a handful of irritating updates posted by couples. Frankly, none on your list bother about anything you’re doing. Also, these are anything, but #CoupleGoals!

Joint Social Media Accounts

As if individual accounts weren’t enough, some couples go as far as creating a couple account where details about their lives are for public consumption. Think about it: do you really need it? Why must you go overboard with you being a team? We know you are a dream couple, but get us into believing that you can also be the most annoying couples on social media, if not otherwise!

Are you guilty or have friends who just don’t know where to draw the line? You might want to drop hints by sharing this piece with them! It might help to be of a little help!

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