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Facebook has designed a new “on/off” switch to allow people to manage whether Facebook can identify their face in photos and videos, and whether users receive notifications about photos they’re in across Facebook.The tool just got one step ahead of the game with an update that will change the way people use your photo without letting you know.

The usual way to find out if your picture is being used is when you are tagged; but what happens when someone uses your photo without tagging you? The only other way you could find out is if a friend sees it and alerts you.

To save you all that stress and act like a regulator, and to make sure your photo is not being used without your consent, Facebook is updating its Facial Recognition tool. Going forward, you will be notified when next someone uses your photo even if he or she fails to tag you.

To help people better handle their identity on Facebook, the social media giant has launched new facial recognition features on Tuesday. Facebook plans to make them available everywhere the company employs facial recognition technology (globally, except Canada and the European Union, where regulators have pushed back on the technology.) The new tools will only impact photos moving forward, not photos posted in the past. Over time, Facebook aims to extend its new facial recognition tools to video and live video.

The new features will help you find photos that you’re not tagged in and help you detect when others might be attempting to use your image as their profile picture.

“We want people to feel confident when they post pictures of themselves on Facebook so we’ll soon begin using face recognition technology to let people know when someone else uploads a photo of them as their profile picture,” Joaquin Quinonero Candela, Director, Applied Machine Learning, said in a blog post on Wednesday.

“We’re also introducing a way for people who are visually impaired to know more about who is in the photos they encounter on Facebook,” Candela added.

 “We designed this as an on/off switch because people gave us feedback that they prefer a simpler control than having to decide for every single feature using face recognition technology,” the post read.

Since 2010, face recognition technology has helped bring people closer together on Facebook. The latest tools build on the same technology underlying “tag suggestions,” a facial recognition feature suggests friends to tag in photos or videos. People who opt out of automatic tag suggestions will not have access to the new notifications unless they change their privacy setting. Facebook has invested more over time in informing people about how they can control their data and privacy on the social network.

“You’re in control of your image on Facebook and can make choices such as whether to tag yourself, leave yourself untagged, or reach out to the person who posted the photo if you have concerns about it,” Candela added.

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