Have you heard about the liquid ocean on Pluto?


Yes, The Planet Pluto is not only topography unique and atmosphere cloudy but also consists of a liquid ocean.


The new horizons with long canyons appeared to form as Pluto’s crust expanded, which fits with a subsurface ocean expanding as it freezes. The size and density gives signs of ice formation.  As the ice transitioned to this form, it wouldn’t have made Pluto larger. It actually would have caused the planet to shrink. But it is due to water freezing below Pluto’s surface would have formed a compacted crystal structure known as ice II. This is a rare type of ice that forms under extreme pressure.

The new work on Pluto comes from Noah Hammond and Marc Parmentier of Brown University and Amy Barr of the Planetary Science Institute suggests that the amount of ice required in the ocean proves that there is liquidity generated It could be that the internal structure of Pluto is warmer than we thought, thanks to tidal stress or radioactive decay.

If it is so, there may be a possibility of underground oceans on the planet. Research has still to prove a lot but it opens up venues for investigation on distant objects.


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