Indian AI startup signs MoU to assist Dubai Police


NEW DELHI : India-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup Staqu on Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to assist the Dubai Police with its AI-powered predictive policing technology.

In an attempt at monitoring and reducing the crime rates, Dubai Police intents to integrate AI with its current programmes and database to enable quicker response time in emergency situations with adequate technology that can extract the information and connect with the problem in real-time.
"We are humbled to be selected by Dubai Police in its strive for reducing crimes in the city. We started Staqu three years ago, with the vision of solving real-world problems with the help of AI. We are grateful to the Dubai Police for showing faith in us," Atul Rai, Co-Founder, and CEO of Staqu said in a statement.
Staqu has a proprietary, advance hybrid AI technology which amalgamates different neural network models to process image speech and text to extract meaningful information that aid in decision-making.
Dubai Police is aiming for a 25 per cent reduction in violent crimes by 2021 and it intends on integrating AI with its current programmes and databases, in order to provide analytics and statistics that would support the decision-making process and enabling quicker response time in emergency situations.

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