Kerala government to partner with Open Source India 2018


BANGALORE:  It is rare to see government agencies, especially state governments, partner. However, the southern Indian state of Kerala is an exception.  International Center for Open Source Software (ICFOSS), an autonomous institution under the government of Kerala, has come on board as the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Partner of Open Source India (OSI) 2018. 


OSI is typically a two-day event where the technical conferences and workshops are the main attractions, and the expo adds an element of interaction between the industry and the community. 

ICFOSS is currently working on Assistive technologies, Language computing, Open IoT, ICFOSS is also associated with (and promoting) various projects based on Open GIS: Mapping using Drones, FOSS for Governance & Sustainable Development and FOSS entrepreneurship, said Srinivasan Ravindran of ICFOSS. 

“We look forward to interact with various developer communities, industry partners and government representatives during Open Source India 2018 and build mutually beneficial association aimed at promoting FOSS,” he said. 

“We could not be happier to have a partner like ICFOSS for Open Source India. We have seen Kerala lead the FOSS movement since the time we launched Open Source ‘For You’ magazine in 2003, and we hope that through OSI—others in the community will also get to experience the level of commitment shown by the state of Kerala,” said Rahul Chopra, Editor--Open Source ‘For You’. 

ICFOSS is an autonomous institution under the government of Kerala. It was founded in 2011 with the objective to promote FOSS initiatives in Kerala while linking up with FOSS and OSHW initiatives in other parts of the world to push the agenda of promoting democratic access to information and knowledge through equitable models of production and distribution of software and hardware. 

ICFOSS’s flagship events ‘Swatantra’ and ‘FOSS Young Professional Meet – FYP’ provide essential connect with community and various stakeholders of FOSS ecosystem. More details of events and activities are available at 

Started in 2004 as Linux Asia by the team at Open Source ‘For You’ magazine, Open Source India (OSI) has evolved into an event where India’s Open Source community and industry come together.

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