Xiaomi to join the smart speaker market with its sub-brand Yeelight


Xiaomi the Chinese electronics and Software Company headquartered in Beijing, is now familiar to Indian customers through its budget smart phones. This time Xiaomi will hit the market with its voice assistant speaker. Xiaomi with its sub-brand Yeelight is latest to join the smart speaker market. In 2017 we have seen the entire major tech companies entering the smart speaker row and Samsung is also expected to launch its Bixby enabled smart speakers soon.

The speaker is called Yeelight Voice Assistant is priced at CNY 199 ($30) or around 1,800 Indian Rupee.

According to Sid Tech, It will use Xiaomi’s AI technology for the Chinese market which will use Microsoft’s AI called Cortana. For the global version, the Yeelight speaker will use Amazin’s Alexa, which currently powers Amazon Echo and many other 3rd party speakers. It is good to see Xiaomi using both the AI’s here.

The report says, the smart speaker uses 6 microphones to easily listen to your commands and a single 2-watt loudspeaker. It looks just like the Amazon Echo dot and we hope it can connect to other speakers for a better audio experience. You can use this speaker to control other Xiaomi home automation products like Yeelight led lamps, lights etc.

The speaker is powered by a quad-core processor coupled with 256MB of RAM and 256MB of internal storage. It supports dual-band wifi and Bluetooth for connectivity. It will start shipping in China from 31st January, We hope Xiaomi launches it in India and price it below 2,000 rupees, said in the report.

News Source: Sid Tech

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