5 Best Places To Visit In Mysore


If you desire to have a stunning sight of the royal Indian tradition, then head to Mysore. It is located in the state of Karnataka, India. With tree-lined parks and streets, this budding town captivates millions of tourists with its beauty and peace. Though there are a plenty of sightseeing spots, there are a few that should be never missed. So, quickly scroll through the list of five best places to visit in Mysore.

Top 5 Places To Visit In Mysore

Due to the rich historic monuments and old cultural heritages, Mysore has always been one of the popular tourist destinations in India. Stunning gardens, splendid palaces, exceptional artisanship, and vibrant festivals are a few special features that have made Mysore exceptional and the best holiday destination.
If you have already planned for a Mysore tour in the forthcoming holiday, here are a few sightseeing places to make a note of:

1. The Mysore Maharaja Palace

• Opens: Everyday
• Time: 10 AM – 5.30 PM
• Entry Charge: INR 40 per adult & INR 20 per kid

The foremost and one of the best places to visit in Mysore is none other than the rich Maharaja Palace. It is located at the center of the city and is among the biggest palaces of India. The palace was built using wood in 1897. Unfortunately, it was damaged due to fire.

However, later in 1912, it was reconstructed with an architectural blend of Islam, Hindu, Rajput, and Gothic styles. The interiors demonstrated the work of complicated artisanship. The palace is illuminated by more than 98000 bulbs in the night and is truly a mesmerizing sight to admire.

2. The Karanji Lake

• Opens: Wednesday to Monday. Always closed on Tuesdays.
• Time: 8.30 AM – 5.30 PM
• Entry Charge: INR 10 per adult & INR 5 per kid

The Karanji Lake is one of the most beautiful places to see in Mysore. Located at the foot of the renowned Chamundi Hills, this water body covers about 90 acres of space. The King of Mysore constructed it with a scenic park around. It attracts over 90 migratory bird species and is considered as the biggest lake of Karnataka.

3. The Brindavan Gardens

• Opens: Everyday
• Time: 6.00 AM – 8.00 PM
• Entry Charge: INR 15 per adult & INR 5 per kid

Brindavan Gardens is located below the Krishnaraja Sagar dam. It was built in the year 1932 and it took 5 years for the construction to complete. This spectacular garden is spread over 150 acres and is claimed as one of the excellent gardens in India. It features a huge botanical park and differently sized & shaped fountains. However, the most popular attraction is its musical fountain, which is usually visited after sunset.

4. The St. Philomena Church

• Opens: Everyday
• Time: 5.00 AM – 6.00 PM
• Entry Charge: Free

This is a 200-year old church and is one of the best places to visit in Mysore. The interiors are inspired by the Gothic style and the artwork is truly commendable. Centuries back, there used to be a tiny church in its place but later, the king Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV laid this beautiful foundation and today it is reported to be one of the largest and oldest Cathedrals of South Asia.

5. The Railway Museum

• Opens: Tuesday – Sunday. Closed on Mondays.
• Time: 10.00 AM – 5.30 PM
• Entry Charge: INR 15 per adult & INR 10 per kid

The Mysore railway museum is the second biggest after Delhi. It displays some of the oldest steam engines and locomotives. The museum gives visitors the facility of a tiny train ride, through which the premises can be enjoyed.

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