7 Styling Mistakes that can ruin your saree getup

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Whether it is a sexy sheer saree, a luxe handicraft wonder from Banaras or contemporary printedchiffon, for most of us thesix-yard garment is definitely our favourite. Some of us are even lucky to own a few heirlooms all thanks to the eclectic taste of our great gandmoms and mums!

Now, while we may boast of an incredible collection that is ready to be shown off on the runway there are a couple of styling mistakes we make unknowingly that ruin our saree getup. Here’s what goes wrong and what can be done to fix it right away. 

Ill-fitted Blouse

Your saree may be one in a million, but remember that the blouse you pair it with adds to its grace. It should not just be stitched to perfection, but also suit your body type. Sometimes we give in to needless temptationsto experiment and wrong the entire look. If your blouse is too tight, your back bulge pops out from everywhere and if it’s too lose it does everything, but accentuate your curves. 


Wearing your saree too low or too high

No matter how toned your abs be (or not), a saree needs to be tucked exactly where it should be i.ejust below your navel which is neither too low nor too high. While some of you may argue the need to flaunt, but remember that there’s a fine line between sexy and vulgar. Hop on either side, the wish is yours. Don’t say we didn’t you warn. 


Hideous footwear

No one in the world cares what kind of foot wear they slip in because they think that they remain hidden courtesy the length of the saree, but that’s not true! If you don’t own a good pair head out right away and buy one to ace your saree look head-to-toe. At all costs avoid platforms and wedges; invest in stilettoes, peep-toes, strappy sandals or for that matter even kohlapuris if your saree asks for it. 


Overdoes of blingy jewellery 

Some girls think the more the merrier, but hold on to that thought because that’s people around you aren’t prepared to handle so much of bling!Wearing a maang-teeka, heavy earrings and an over the top neck piece kills your saree look. Go subtle. Keep it minimal, especially if your saree has a lot of work on it. Besides, look your age. Got the cure, we hope?!


Peeking out bra straps

If you’re wearing a broad back blouse, ask for a padded blouse instead because there’s a high probability that your strap will keep peeking out. If you’re heavily endowed and aren’t comfortable with padded ones then tuck your saree pallu in a way that your bra strap is pinned with it. 


Wrong clutch bags

Depending on the kind of saree you’re wearing get down to carrying the most fitting clutch bag. It should be not too small nor too big, just enough for you to carry your phone, keys, lip gloss and perfume. 

Ignoring the petticoat or underskirt

Right from the colour to whether it should be straight-fit or flared, your petticoat plays an important wrong because your saree is draped around it. So be wise enough to buy one that compliments your saree type and colour. 

Remember the next time you’re wearing this absolutely staple Indian wear you keep all of what we mentioned in mind. Do a mental check starting from your head to toe; make last minute fixes and voila you’re ready to own the look! 

- SharanyaManola

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