Gotta Learn Styling your Anti-fit Outfits from Fashion-savvy Actresses

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Anti-fit outfits are not a new wave of fashion trend, but they are definitely becoming mainstream. From Sonam to Neha, Huma and Sri Devi, actresses are found wearing super-comfy outfits and championing labels that speak to their bohemian sensibilities. In fact, there have been instances where some of them have our eyes rolling in the hope that we find them too! But, why just hope?

With scorching sun warning us with serious aftermaths, why not follow the movement and stock our closet with fun, breezy outfits in every shape, size, style and colour? But, more than that you should also know how to style them too, isn’t it? So, here’s a round-up of what you need to be busying yourself with.

Neha Dhupia

Pick a short, flared dress and give it a twist by pairing it with thigh-high boots! Or, strut around in a long dress with ankle-length boots for an edgy, boho look!



Sonam Kapoor

Mix and match separates with a jacket. Sonam does that perfectly by teaming long-box top, pin-striped skirt with a collar jacket. Don’t forget the jewellery if it’s a block-coloured outfit as it can totally make your outfit stand out.



Kriti Sanon

For sporty vibes, don’t forget to slip into canvas shoes. You will totally rock it and also temporarily get over the nostalgia of wearing PT shoes back in the day when you were in school! No?!


Alia Bhatt

Get sun-kissed and walk the town in high heels if you are no mood to wear flats! Also, we think dhoti and heels make for a fine combo. Think yes, too?


Parineeti Chopra

Let your hair down or flash your chiseled collar-bone in off-shoulder dresses for they are selling like hotcakes this season! Stick to bare minimum makeup and wear footwear in pastel shades for a summer-ready look!



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