Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Weird Face Treatments That Have the Power to Treat Your Skin

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We live in a day and age where everyone is worried about their image and go to varying extent to fit into what people claim is ‘perfect’. Since we are talking about face treatments let’s first admit that we have all come a long way and are now moving farther away from basic skin care that required you to wash your face with bar soap. There are plenty of treatments available and made famous by celebs around the globe. But, would you go as far as these celebs have or do you prefer to play safe?

Sheep Placenta Facial

Can you imagine smearing your face with sheep placenta? Well, if there’s any truth in rumours then you might be happy to know that Victoria Beckham among other Hollywood celebs is a huge fan of this treatment. The embryonic serum is apparently extracted from sheep placentas that are discarded after meat slaughter. The stem cells in it are said to reverse the signs of ageing. But, like for any such outlandish treatment dermatologists are divided about its efficacy.

Bird poop

The Geisha Facial poop treatment is no secret in Japan where it’s been in use for centuries. A certain species of nightingale’s poop (native to Japanese island of Kyushu) is mixed with rice bran and applied on face. Salons sanitize the poop with UV rays before it is used in facial treatment. Apparently it has an organic smell (thanks to the rice bran) and tends to rejuvenate skin cells and make skin clearer and brighter courtesy the natural enzymes present in the poop. Would you mask your face with poop for porcelain clear skin?Made popular by Victoria Beckham this Geisha facial gas Tom Cruise as a huge fan.

Fire Facial

This Chinese fire facial is definitely insane because according to the procedure an alcohol-soaked towel is placed on your face (or other body parts), lit on fire which is then extinguished using another piece of cloth before you suffer from severe burns. Besides reviving your dull skin this treatment also helps in weight loss and fights cold. Would you risk such a borderline bizarre treatment?

Here’s a video you on how fire facial is done though not on face.



Vampire Facial

This facial popularity spiked after videos of Kim Kardashian getting it done went viral on YouTube. The facial is done by first by taking out blood from your arm. Your face then receives controlled injury through microneedles that puncture your skin and then the platelet-rich plasma from our blood is injected back into our face to boost production of elastin and collagen, both of which give our skin a youthful and healthy glow. It also reduces pore size, reduces acne scars.

Sperm Facial

Are you grossed out thinking about semen on your face? Well, we too were. But, the truth is that this is actually believed to clear zits and reduce signs of ageing and rosacea. All this courtesy proteins and multivitamins present in sperm. In fact, it has proteolytic enzymes that break uneven, thick, dead, sun-damaged skin and makes your skin smoother. But, it comes with a downside as body fluids are capable of transmitting STIs/STDs and aggravate oily, acne-prone skin! This is one beauty gain that comes with a cost or so you will agree. Heather Deen Locklear, an American actress in an interview with TMZ.com revealed that she does put semenon her face for that age-defying look.

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