How you can wear the six yard net saree

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Saree is a classic ensemble that have a special place in every woman’s heart and wardrobe. Some of them are handed down to us by our mothers and grandmothers while other we add to our collection over a period of time. Of all the sarees in your trunk, we’re sure you will have a handful of net sarees too. If not, then you got to add it to your list and buy one, at least.

Talking about net sarees, not everyone can wear it the right way. So, we got down to listing the best way to flaunt your curves and saree. Here’s what’s required of you.

Avoid pleating the pallu or pallav

The fabric is such that its charm lies in leaving the pallu loose, tucked with a pin. Let the delicate work done on your saree be seen. Why should you hide them under pleats when there’s so much that can meet the eye of those around you.

Carefully choose the petticoat

Your choice of fabric for a petticoat under a net saree is satin which shines through it. It adds to the grace of the saree. If your saree has not much of a work and if you can dare then buy a shimmer petticoat so that it adds to the glamour. If you choose to do it then make sure you’re able to carry it off too because there’s a thin line between looking sophisticated and vulgar.


Since the fabric of the saree is net, you got to be cautious of a lot of things. Get the fitting right. Saree in any other fabric can hide those jugaad you manage using safety pins, but that doesn’t happen with net sarees. Your blouse is quite visible from the front. Besides, get the length right if you’re conscious about your midriff. If you can anyway pull off a shorter blouse then there’s nothing like it.

Pleat it right

Pleating a net saree although not difficult can be tricky. Get a handful of pins and tuck the pleats properly. Usually the borders of net sarees are heavy which is why you can feel its weight too, so try and make sure walk in the saree for a few minutes to get comfortable moving around in it. Always wear your footwear with slight heels) to make sure your saree doesn’t drag on the floor.

Tuck it around your waist bone

Hit a perfect note between sexy and sophistication by tucking it neither too high nor too low. Waist bone should be just about the perfect to wear your petticoat and over it your gorgeous six yards of net saree!

Follow the minimum make-up rule

Although you may have come across various advices on keeping minimal makeup, much depends on the kind of color palette your saree belongs to. If you want to play it safe then we’d say nudes are the best choice. Allow your saree to do the talking.

This should have made it easy for you or so we hope!

Image Credits: Pintrerst

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