How You Sleep Reveals Much About Your Personality

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Who could’ve come up with the logic that something as universal as sleeping can tell a lot about one’s personality? Come on, everybody sleeps pretty much the same five ways! Well, science has something different to counter this popular assumption. It says that apart from the time you go to bed and wake up, the way you sleep can decide the overall quality of your sleep as well as the type of personality you are. So, if you want to know who someone really is, watch them sleep.

Here are different positions we subconsciously assume while we are asleep and what each reveals about you:

Log position

This is one of the most common sleep positions where the person sleeps on his side with legs extended straight and arms on the sides. Someone who sleeps in this position is very social and easygoing. He is anything but rigid as the position may seem. They also tend to be quite the trusting kinds, who fall into other’s traps easily.

On the back

Science recommends sleeping in this position, as it is believed to promote spine health and prevent acne that you might get from exposing your face to the pillow in other positions. People who sleep in this position are either the first born in the family or act like they are the leader among their siblings. They are confident.

Yearner position

This position is quite like the log position with the exception of their arms extended straight infront of them. People sleeping in this position tend to be warm and inviting. However, they can also be suspicious or cynical in matters. Yearners can be slow to make decisions but once they have come to a decision, they stick by it.

Starfish position

This position seems to be one of the least favourite positions people sleep in. In this position the person lies on his back with arms folded under the pillow and legs stretched out. People sleeping in this position tend to be loving and caring. They consider friendship quite an important part of their life.

Fetal position

This position involves curling knees up to the chest. While this position keeps you from snoring, it is also linked with arthritis as well as restricted breathing. People who sleep in this position love to cuddle and would rather enjoy a Saturday night by the fireplace with a book in their hand than go to a party. Because this is the most common sleep position, the person sleeping predominantly in this position could be basic.

The Stargazer position

In this position, the person lies on his back with his arms behind his head. People who sleep in this position tend to have a positive outlook towards life and are happy-go-lucky by nature. They are open to going the extra mile for those in need and have high regards for their friends.

If you don’t know what position you usually sleep in, ask your family. Alternatively, before going to bed tonight, take note of the sleeping position you are in just before you fall asleep. Did it match with our description of your sleeping position and personality type?

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