Must-have 5 Unconventional Blouses to Reinvent Your Saree Look

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Saree is one of the most versatile garments in the world. You can drape them in a dozens of ways and keep reinventing your saree look. Fashion designers like Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, PayalKhandwala, PayalPratap among a few others however, have shifted focus and turned to the humble blouse. Over the years they’ve given the six-yard wonder a twist by making celebs wear unconventional blouses.

And, saree wearers have been following footsteps and playing with blouse-types and never been scared of experimenting.

For now, have a look at a few of our fav blouse-and-saree combo.


Ruffles have made a huge comeback and has been welcomed by everyone, alike. From ruling the runways and celeb wardrobes, we think it is your turn to embrace the drama ruffles can add to your saree. Are you up for it?


Cold-shoulder Blouse

A perfect east-meets-west blend is a cold-shoulder blouse. We’ve seen celebs wear this trend in dresses and over lehenga and skirts too. Wear it and up your style quotient by baring your shoulders and pairing a complimenting, uber chic blouse over your fav saree!

Cold shoulder Blouse

Shirt Blouse

Think of shirts and all you can picture them with is trousers and skirts. But, stop right there because the current trend says otherwise. You can actually wear them with the wonder garment: saree. So, go back in time and embrace this vintage-inspired look. Team up a crisp white shirt over your saree or mix-and-match to lend an air of elegance and class to your outfit of the day.

Shirt Blouse1

Shirt Blouse2

Shirt Blouse3

Peplum Blouse

Peplum tops are fun, but they may look hideous if you’re not careful!This is to say that not everyone can beat the odds of acing this look. So, unless and until you are quite sure you can pull it off over a saree don’t wear it at all.

Peplum Blouse

T-shirt + Crop tops

You needn’t have to worry about getting a blouse stitched with your saree if you do have a crop top or a tee that perhaps can go with your saree. It looks super cool and is definitely a go-to measure for a lazy girl who needs to sleep more than run to the boutique!

T shirt Crop tops


Which of the above seems to have caught your fancy? Will you rather be daring to try these out or follow the traditional choli look?

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