Six Celeb Fashion Trends You Must Try

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The reality of the glamour world is that nothing goes unnoticed. Whether celebs are heading to the airport, attending award functions and birthday parties or celebrating festivals with other celeb friends/family, they are always under the spotlight and literally judged for what and who they are wearing. Call it our compulsive interest in their fashion choices, most of us even end up aping their wearable looks whenever we can because ‘omg’, if it’s pretty and affordable, we cannot not wear it!

We thought why not archive a few trends made popular by fashionistas from Bollywood and see how many of you can pull them off. Mind you: Some may be even a little bizarre to your taste, but fashion means experimenting, doesn’t it!

And, it was all Y.E.L.L.O.W.!

One of the easiest trend-dares for you is wearing yellow! We’ve seen yellow become everyone’s go-to colour. It can be one of yours too! Keep away from the usual blacks and blues and pinks and add a pop of yellow to your summer wardrobe! From flared tops, skirts and dresses to sarees and suits, you have plenty to pick in this vibrant hue! Alright, we’re counting accessories too if you aren’t confident going all yellow!

A wavy ride with ruffles

We’ve worn ruffles back in the day when we were school-going. We don’t need to tell you that it’s making a comeback and how! It is definitely ruling not just the runways, but also becoming a hot favourite among Bollywood stars! There’s no way you shouldn’t be hugging theseplayful and dramaticruffles, regardless of how large, small or neat they are! And, btw, so that you don’t say we didn’t tell – avoid accessorising; just pull your hair back and let them take care of the rest!

Saree, if you would!

Life would be so much easier for those of you who don’t know how to wear a saree! Slip into a pre-stitched six yards wonder and a crop-top and you’re pretty much done for the day! Or, how about a hybrid saree-cum pants in denims that has a pocket to take care of your phone etc.? You would surely stand out for your sartorial taste of trend!


For once let go off everything that wraps your body and wear clothes that are all things boho and free-spirited! As it is summers are knocking our doors and we shouldn’t be palpitating in clothes that are stuck on our body like glue. So, bring out your maxi dresses, skirts and dhoti pants and make this trend unforgettable!

Disco Deewane!

How about being the life of the party and dazzle in sequins and shine! On your girl’s night out or a dance-till-you-drop party, you could perhaps wear a sparkling outfit to add glamour and quirk at the same time! Why? Well, clearly because you shouldn’t wait for festivals to bring the jazz out of you! Give other days of the year a chance to become memorable too!


As otherworldly and body-stiffening as sculptured outfits may seem, this is one trend that’s being spotted everywhere, nationally and internationally. Sculptured blouses, gowns, tops or skirts; if you want to experiment, now is as good as any other time! Will bow down before you if you manage to pull it off!

Big belts!

Belts seem to be making quite a comeback and believe it not, the bigger the better! There’s quite a few ways you can wear it. Wear it atop an anti-fit kurta or a shirt like Sonam and if you can really pull off a belt and a saree then there’s nothing like it! We salute to your accepting our dare!

How many of these trends do you think you will be able to pull off or at least give a try?!

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