Skin Care Routine You Must Follow Before and After a Workout

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When you head to the gym to bust those layers of fat or run on the treadmill and get your heart pacing to stay fit, you know you’re working on your body. What about your skin care regimen? To say the least, it is easy to forget about giving it a thought because at the moment you want sculpted back and glutes, chiseled, washboard abs and jiggle-free arms, right? Think again.

Your skin does need attention after all the sweating and germs that stick on it. Here’s what you got to do both pre and post a back-breaking workout.

No make-up rule

Yes. Lose the make-up. Don’t waste a minute on glossing those lips or slapping foundation and concealing the marks on your face. Let your skin breathe through the pores and sweat it out. If you block the pores from sweating it may cause acne cosmetic which are red bumps with no inflammation. You don’t want that or do you?

Pull back your hair in a ponytail

Or you can use a headband, but still have your hair braided or tied high up. Make sure you wear it along your hair line and not across the forehead. Also wash it regularly so that it doesn’t load up on dirt and cause breakouts and bumps. Besides, never-ever work out with your hair open at any cost.

Don’t touch your face

Carry a soft towel. No matter how much you sweat, don’t touch your face to wipe off those bead of sweat off your face. Think about all those hands that touched the machines and weights you’re working on. They’re breeding ground for germs which may be upon your inadvertent touch be introduced to you skin and voila!

Do not scrub

Of course you feel the dirt and grime and sweat all over your body, but don’t give into the temptation of scrubbing once you’re back. Just splash cold water on your face, at least 5 times. This will take care of flushing on the face. Then use a gentle cleanser and rinse your face again with some cold water. Just don’t exfoliate because it will dehydrate your skin and may also exacerbate acne, if you have an acne-prone skin. Don’t forget to moisturise to regain lost moisture.

Bathe, please!

You think skipping taking a bath would cause no harm? Your body after working out is infact a hub for bacteria that need to be shown a way out. So, head straight to the shower and unleash the wrath of fresh water and revive your tired body. You’ll feel fresh and also free of body acne. If you’re bathing in the shower facility at the gym then do wear your flip-flops and dry your toes completely when stepping out. You reduce the chances of catching foot fungus.

Wash your workout gear

Don’t wear the same clothes to the gym everyday because a) no one wants to die of the stinging body odour and b) you want to stay away from last workout routine’s germs and c) you don’t want bacteria and fungus breeding on them. Get yourself 2-3 gym wears and wash them, including face and body towel.

Our last piece of advice will be to drink plenty of water so that you replenish all the water lost in form of sweat.

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