Slaying it in Winters : Fun Ways to Style Your Festive Indian Wear

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Layering yourself seems like the easiest way out to keep oneself warm, but just because it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean you cannot wear fashion up your sleeve! Fashion and winters can still walk hand-in-hand provided you aren’t lazy about pepping up your wardrobe intelligently. Taking cues from some of the Bollywood celebrities, sort out your winter essentials and face the cold in a super-hot version of you!


First and foremost become fabric-wise during the cold season for you don’t have the liberty of wearing cooler fabrics that saved you from the heat in summers. Winters is the time to cling onto warmer fabrics like silk of various kinds. Form benarasi and brocade to crepe, tussar, muga and kanjeevaram, you have a wide-range to pick from.Get yourself a silk saree, ask your master-ji to customize a suit, or just wear the boho-inspired skirt-and-shirt combo. Brighter or somber hues, both work phenomenally! 

Floor-length jackets

If you couldn’t bother carrying a shawl and slipping into body warmers then this is the way to go. Allow floor length jackets to come to your rescue. Whether over your lehenga or suit, these jackets tend to lend an air of sophistication to your attire. When you are out shopping for your winter clothes haul, keep this in mind! Trust us that you won’t be disappointed.

Full-sleeved blouses

Have sarees to wear? Get them out and wear them for what on earth should make you do it?  Why must the six yard fabric go hibernating. Team them up with full-sleeved in silk or velvet, perhaps? And, how about turtle neck sweaters unless you feel your neck is being gobbled by it? Well, it might sound bizarre, but it looks so damn neat! It will certainly be a one-of-a-kind way of giving your saree a makeover. You can also wear a shirt with it to lend an androgynous feel to it, Will you not try? If you are worried your legs will freeze, wear a warmer!


Indulge in fusion and let east meet west! Throw on a colour-coordinated blazer over your saree or a suit or a lehengaand you’re good to go and battle it out with the biting cold. If you are looking forward to adding quirk to your outfit, finish the look with brogues so that you are warm from head-to-toe.


Alright, we did say keep the shawl away, but let’s admit that there’s nothing like the warmth of a shawl! Since these can never go out of fashion and just so you have a timeless collection, invest wisely. Depending on what sort of shawl you want – intricately embroidered or plain – you can coordinate it with your outfit and not worry about catching cold.

These ideas should have pulled you out of the confusion on what to wear and how to style yourself. As a parting note, we’d just like to say – go and have fun with fashion. Risk wearing clothes you didn’t think you would otherwise if not now, then when?

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